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on program GERMAN POETS & MUSICIANS ON THE ROAD (in English)
Poetry by Heine, Goethe, Anna Seghers, Feuchtwanger, Brecht a.o.
Music by Beethoven, Schumann, Alban Berg, Boris Blacher, Samual Barber  a.o.
with Evelyn Ulex (Grand Piano)
on program LOVE ME, HATE ME - JAZZ MEETS POETRY (in German)
Poetry by Stefan George, Charles Bukowski, Heinrich Heine, Michel Houellebecq, Tolstoj a.o.
Music by The Rolling Stones, Stefan Schultze & Peter Ewald
with Stefan Schultze (Grand Piano) and Peter Ehwald (Sax)
on program
Russian Poetry and Music by Anatol Shalaev, Altfred Schnittke, Astor Piazzolla a.o.
Bajan Players: Elena Lutz and Aydar Gaynullin
2010 FOOL ON THE HILL (in German)
Poems & Classic Music
with Cassandra Hoffman (Soprano) and Maureen Malis (Grand Piano)